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Literature for Review

Economic Review

January 2022

Economic Growth Should Soften But Remain Strong In 2022: The U.S. economy is expected to grow 3.9% in 2022. . .

Investment Strategy

January 2022

High Valuations: One common theme among these strategies is that valuations are historically high. . .

Economic and Market Outlook

October 2021

Growth remains strong, but is slowing. The economy continues to rebound strongly this year. . .

Investment Strategy and Outlook

October 2021

Our investment strategy includes the following recommendations: Significantly overweight international stocks relative to domestic stocks. . .

Economic and Market Outlook

January 2021

The economy could strengthen with stimulus and widespread vaccinations. . .

Investment Strategy and Outlook

January 2020

The economy has averaged 2.3% growth before inflation, since the recession ended over 10 years ago. Peak growth occurred earlier in the expansion. . .

Negative Interest Rates: Coming to America?

November 2019

In August 2019, Jyske Bank in Denmark began offering 10-year mortgages with negative interest rates of -0.5%. Most of us find it hard to comprehend a negative-rate mortgage. . .

Yield Curve Inversion: Is a Recession Imminent?

August 2019

The yield curve recently inverted for the first time in over a decade. Does it predict recessions?

Investment Strategy and Outlook

July 2019

Real GDP growth in the first quarter registered a surprising 3.1%, surprising because of expectations for a more meaningful slowdown. . .

Investment Strategy and Outlook

April 2019

Over the last year, each quarter's economic growth has been less than the prior quarter (4.2% Q2, 3.4% Q3, and 2.2% Q4). . .

Investment Strategy and Outlook

January 2019

The US economy's rate of growth will slow along with other economies, according to most forecasters.. . .

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